david carson Print 24/41. "Rules of Grafic Design" series – David Carson Art

Print 24/41. "Rules of Grafic Design" series

$ 1,785.00

Size:  11 x 17"

Paper:  Lighter-weight card stock

Printing/production:   University of Pennsylvania's, The Common Press.

About:  Single sided. Very sharp edges and corners. This might have been printed over top of something else. Otherwise, an exceptionally clean print with minor bends and a bent edge here and there. Very slight mark center lower edge and top left middle edge. A very unique piece with some great graphic imagery. Carson embossed logo lower left. Signed “David Carson” in pencil lower right.

Following a guest lecture event at the University of Pennsylvania, Carson visited the University’s letterpress department. The result was his Rules of Grafic Design series. Carson adds, “After lecture at uof p got to visit their letterpress department, a small basement room, and play a bit!...”

For many years, Carson kept these handpicked pieces sandwiched together in a thick, well-travelled portfolio case.  Some are gritty, smudged, ink-splattered, fingerprinted, layered, torn, double-sided studies reminiscent of his earlier years. Others are simple, clear and evocative. These pieces aren't pristine. They come with defects, blemishes, tears and rubbings. They’re unique, experimental, one-of-a-kind expressions of Carson in action. He signed these pieces in the summer of 2015. 

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