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David Carson is an American graphic designer, art director and surfer. The international design magazine, Casa named Carson “the most famous graphic designer in the world.”  Apple computers selected him as one of 30 most influential users of their product, referring to him as a "Pioneer with profound impact." The AIGA - New York, awarded David their highest honor in 2014, the Gold Medal for his creativity and design work. 

David Carson forged graphic design into a cultural force and a medium with its own shape and direction. It was Carson’s boundary-breaking typography in the 1990’s, in Ray Gun magazine and other pop-culture publications that ushered in a new vision of typography, approach and page design. His first book, with Lewis Blackwell and a foreword by David Byrne, titled The End of Print is the most purchased graphic design book of all time.

Today, Carson spends much of his time traveling, surfing, lecturing and designing for Fortune 100 clients. A past TED speaker, he is often the keynote speaker at design schools, advertising conferences, and awards shows throughout the world. 

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For business inquiries, contact David at: dcarson888@gmail.com - For art inquiries, contact Mike at: info@davidcarsonart.com


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