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Letterpress Prints // David Carson design and art

The Rules of Grafic Design series.

Following a guest lecture event at the University of Pennsylvania, Carson visited the University’s The Common Press print department. The result was his Rules of Grafic Design series. Carson adds, “After lecture at UofP got to visit their letterpress department, a small basement room, and play a bit!"

For many years, Carson kept these handpicked pieces sandwiched together in a thick, well-travelled portfolio case.  While some of these pieces are simple and evocative, others are gritty, smudged, ink-splattered, layered, double-sided studies reminiscent of the artist's earlier years. They’re unique, experimental, one-of-a-kind expressions of Carson in action.  The artist signed these pieces in the summer of 2015. Only a very small amount of these hand-crafted pieces exist.

The Rules of Grafic Design letterpress series. 41 signed prints.

Artist:             David Carson
Printers:         Matt Neff & Tricia Tracey
Co-Founder:  David Comberg, Common Press
Press:            The Common Press, University of Pennsylvania, 2010