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Signed Artwork // David Carson design and art


"Abstract shapes can convey strong meaning, even when re-imagined from other pieces of work. I don't think it's something you can really teach. Either one has an eye for this sort of work, or you don't. And there's no telling where that comes from. Using elements from other work I'd done, as well as the information supplied by the event organizer, at some point this design just felt right to me, and I stopped. Sometimes knowing when to stop is the hardest part. Trust your gut on that one.

The creative brief for the poster requested only that I include the word "awesome," which it did. Other than that, the content was up to me.  However, it turned out the event organizer thought he needed to “improve” the poster and added his own design over top of mine without informing or discussing it with me. As a result, the event audience only had access to the altered version. This is the original, and, I thought, final design that I did. This is the original poster I designed for my 2014 lecture held in Austin, Texas - printed as it was intended.

There aren't many rules in design that I hold sacred, but certainly one stating you don't change another designer's work without telling them before printing and distributing it, is one of them." - David Carson