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Man2 Colombia (full bleed)

$ 125.00

"man2" by David Carson, with no border/full bleed

Shot in Bogota Colombia, 2015

"While visiting Bogota for the first time for a lecture and workshop, I skipped the official speakers "visit to the salt mines" and instead wandered around the area where I was staying, discovering  amazing posters plastered on top of each other, apparently since the dawn of time. A few were ready to go photo and design wise, but my favorites got better once I started tearing them off the wall, and getting only sections. sometimes what was revealed underneath was amazing . This is by far one of my favorites. I ripped off some of the newer layers, posted as recently as a few night before, and the randomness of the peeling and what became exposed, especially in this case, was brilliant.  Sometimes good design is simply acknowledging your own eye, intuition and sensibilities.....and hopefully capturing it." -dc 

Comes in 2 sizes: L & XL. They’re printed using a gorgeous, 50% cotton rag-based textured bright matte white watercolor paper making every piece suitable for framing.

Print specs: Full bleed. Printed using Canon Lucia archival inks. 300GSM 600MT 50% cotton rag-based textured bright white cold press matte watercolor paper. Acid free and lignin free.  Embossed Carson logo at lower left, digital signature lower right.


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