david carson A5. "Addicted to Love"(Meg Ryan movie) prop – David Carson Art

A5. "Addicted to Love"(Meg Ryan movie) prop

$ 2,000.00

Size: 14 x 20"

Paper: Card stock with multi-layered newspaper cut outs and acetate overlay. 1998

About:  An original background piece of art from the movie, Addicted to Love. Carson embossed logo lower left. Signed “David Carson 98'” in pencil lower right.

"This piece is a result of a collage I was working on for a 1997 Meg Ryan film called, Addicted To Love, where her character is a collage artist. Although I actually built the huge collage covering her apartment walls.....this is just a small out take of my own." - dc

This piece comes signed "David Carson 98'"

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