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$ 100.00

GRAFIK15, 2015. Zurich, Switzerland.

"Zurich is one of my favorite cities. It has an amazing graphic design culture. I was honored to be a keynote speaker at GRAFIK15, and to design this poster. I’d been doing some pretty busy ones (posters, that is) with a lot of hand lettering and this proved a good opportunity to do a cleaner, simpler design. I've always felt my work works best either really simple or really complicated. If it’s in the middle, it’s usually the least effective or successful. I liked this image when it came up on my iPad iPhoto section. I just took a screen grab and that became the poster.  The background type is from another photo I took. I like the way the CH enters the poster on the bottom left (CH being an abbreviation for Switzerland). The clean and emptiness of the center seemed to speak to the history of clean, Swiss design, and the shape in the top right is the bottom of a dollar sign - hat also seemed appropriate..But overall, it FELT right. It’s one of my favorites that I've ever done." - dc

Watch the Carson Grafik15 interview video here

Prints come in sizes L-XXL (approx 19 x 26", 30 x 40" and 40 x 60”) and are printed using a gorgeous, 50% cotton rag-based textured bright matte white watercolor paper making every piece suitable for framing.

Print specs: Full bleed. Printed using Canon Lucia archival inks. 300GSM 600MT 50% cotton rag-based textured bright white cold press matte watercolor paper. Acid free and lignin free.  Embossed Carson logo at lower left, digital signature lower right.


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