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Bangkok (small/signed)

$ 75.00

Bangkok Type Symposium, 2104. Bangkok, Thailand.

Carson signed a small amount of "test run" posters this summer. They're priced according to their smaller size and different paper quality. Once they run out we'll only be offering the larger printed sizes, which is the way the artist prefers the images to be printed.  The paper size is: 12.5" x 16.125". The image size is: 10.5" x 14.125".  

"I believe you have a certain freedom and responsibility with this type of event, given its intended audience. And, I always try to include something of my life, keeping the work personal in some way. The photo is my kitchen in the Caribbean, with the first of many surfboards lined up on far wall. Not sure what I did to get all the little red boxes with x’s, but I liked ‘em and went back and recreated them. I've often included found objects or computer mistakes or glitches in my work. Although, because something’s an accident or not originally intended doesn’t make it good - but, sometimes…" - dc

Digitally printed on white 100lb. Mohawk Everyday Digital Cover Smooth paper. Konica Minolta C-1100 4 color process. Embossed Carson logo lower left. Signed in pencil lower right.

Copyright ©2016 by Distracted Artists LLC and David Carson. All rights reserved. Absolutely no part of this image may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted or used in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the copyright holders.

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